Elections and Executive Interviews

We have a ton of positions opening up in the Fall. We’re now going to start the process of elections and interviews.

If you’re interested in running for the election all you need to do is email socsoc@uwaterloo.ca, and explain why you are right for the position. Your explanation will be posted on our website. You are also expected to post a similar explanation on our Facebook group.

If you’re interested in one of your executive positions, please email the current executive listed under our info page attached. The positions are filled via interviews with the current executive. When you email please give a short explanation of why you think you’d be right for the role.

Attached is a PDF with an explanation of responsibilities for each role. President, Vice-President and Treasurer are all elected roles. In order to fill one of these roles you MUST be a sociology or legal studies major. All other positions are filled via interviews with current executives. The executives do not need to be sociology or legal studies majors, they are just expected to have at least minor in one.

ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE MIDNIGHT THURSDAY MARCH 10TH. Voting for elected positions will happen online from March 15th – March 17th. You must be a sociology or legal studies major to vote in the election.

Read up on the Position Descriptions!