President – Kayla Dixon:

Vice President – Kelvin Tran:

  • Program: Honours ARBUS – co-op
  • Major/Minor: Legal Studies/Sociology
  • Term: 3B
    “I want to help undergraduate Sociology students better understand the resources that are available to them by helping develop a strong executive team that can help convey the Sociology Society as a resource for students to utilize”

Treasurer & Secretary – Natasha Gascho:

  • Program: Honours Arts
  • Major: Joint Honours in Sociology & Women’s Studies
  • Term: 2A
    I’m excited to contribute to the Sociology Society this year as both Treasurer and Secretary because I feel I’m most suited to the organizational responsibilities like that come with the these positions like taking minutes and keeping budget records. I find student societies like ours super rewarding to be involved in because of the sense of community you find with others who share your particular areas of study; it opens up the ability to seek advice from those who’ve been in your shoes and then become that same resource for others!”

Communication Executive –Jessie Estwick:

  • Program: Honours Arts
  • Major/Minor: Joint Honours in Sociology & Legal Studies/ Human Resource Management
  • Term: 3A
    I got involved with the Sociology Society Society to get to know like-minded people who have an interest in Sociology. After I finish university I would like to go to law school. As the Communications Executive, I update our social media pages and maintain open lines of communication between students, staff and faculty!

Social Executive – Alyssa Baluyot:

  • Program: Honours Arts
  • Major/Minor: Sociology (ARTS)/Gerontology (AHS)
  • Term: 4A
    “Ask me about sociology-health cross listed classes! I’m excited to plan creative events for Sociology Society”

Academic Executive – Ashley Reiser:

Society Representatives – Vacant